Current Models


This 5 String Phi bass was built almost entirely with two of the best tone woods that can be found: Padouk and Wenge. Both have been used for centuries as the traditional tone woods in making Marimba keys.

A single cut bass whose sinuous curves grace the musician's body for perfect balance, offering up rich long-sustaining tones.


Approaching bass design from an entirely new angle, as the name implies, the Azimuth combines sharp peaking lines juxtaposed with high arcing curves.

The ultimate in meticulous hand-crafted construction. With robust, burgeoning lines, and flowing contours all forged by hand, each Manifest bass is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Paragon 5 string bass

After years of refining every slightest detail, from the pitch of the fingerboard, to the neck shape, pickup locations, body balance, and more... Mana Basso is proud to introduce the Paragon model electric bass.

Meet Parliament Funkadelic's bassist, Lige Curry's signature model, The Brothership.  Featuring Bartolini M5 quadcoil pickups and NTMB 3 band pre-amp.

Dumpstaphunk bassist Nick Daniels III's Signature 5 string Model, the Paragon ND3, given the name "The Blood" by Nick himself.