About Us

Mana Basso

[mah-nuh bah-soh]
mana; noun, Polynesian: a pervasive energy or life force that exists in all things animate and inanimate

basso; noun, Old Italian: bass singer or instrument

Mana Basso: Life Energy Basses

Because you put your soul into making music, we put ours into making basses.

At Mana Basso we have delved deeply into the broad spectrum of knowledge and craftsmanship that comprises instrument making.  We have studied the physics of sound, the mechanics of wood, and the dynamic relationship there-in.  We have developed a unique understanding of the properties of electro-magnetic energy, and we have studied old and new world luthiery to learn from the mastery of our predecessors.  This is how we achieve a quality of bass that will compel you to play it, to hear it, to feel it.

Our design and construction techniques stand far apart from factory built and even other handmade instruments.  Meticulously engineered for maximum strength and sound transmission, as well as capturing a distinct visual appeal, our complete neck through designs (neck through body extending all the way through the headstock) offer superior strength, stability, and sound quality.  Our headstocks are carved out of the neck blank, eliminating the weak scarf joint where most guitar necks fail.  Our headstocks also feature a steep drop angle which allows for lower action and improved ease of movement for your fingering hand.

On the energy end of the spectrum, we have developed a method for subtly enhancing the electro-magnetic field generated by the pickups.  By focusing more of the energy, and therefor the sensitivity, towards the strings, you get clearer, stronger, and fuller sounds with greater texture and complexity. And of course, our electronics cavities are fully copper shielded for crystal clarity.

Every Mana Basso bass is made with a passion to achieve perfection in quality of sound, versatility, and beauty.  It is having great honor and reverence for our medium and craft that pushes us to always expand our knowledge and hone our skills, and to use our resources carefully and with respect.

Whether your interested in a complete custom, semi-custom, or one in stock, we are excited about offering you the complete embodiment of the bass that you've always been searching for.

“Being a bass player myself, I wouldn't have it any other way.”
   Tony Walters, Owner-Luthier